UEB activities

UEB organisation and structure

At the EUFODOS kick-off meeting in January 2011 a User Executive Body (UEB) was composed in order to involve the users more in the activities of the EUFODOS project.

The UEB chairperson Herwig Schüssler and the UEB secretary Stefanie Linser were both derived from dedicated EUFODOS user organisations. The chairperson and secretary promote the EUFODOS to the user community in an ambassadorial role. They also lead and chair the teleconferences and the meetings of the UEB. The UEB secretary is also responsible for executing the key activities required. She also liaises with other user bodies such as the User Platform for Geoland and regularly publishes the UEB Newsletter. The UEB is dependent on the voluntary participation of the user community and is comprised of a representative number of EUFODOS users who are actively involved with the project.

Role of the UEB

The tasks of the UEB comprise i.a. to contribute to service network reviews and relevant reports, to identify and collate user needs and priorities for the service portfolio evolution, to discuss, review and endorse relevant templates like i.a. User Requirements Assessment and User Utility Assessment, as well as strategic documents like i.a. Data Access Policy, Annual Reports and Work Plans, to contribute information on the user activities as well as any new developments in EUFODOS to the UEB Newsletter, to coordinate with the service providers and by representing the user community, contribute to the promotion for EUFODOS.

Exchange of information will be ensured by regular meetings, teleconferences and the publication of newsletters which are distributed to the users, service providers and to other interested stakeholders.