Swieradow, Poland

Downstream Service - Storm Damage Assessment

Severe storms over the past decades have increased in terms of frequency and magnitude. Related forest area losses rose to several millions Euro and affected the forest ecosystems and the forest industry also beyond the borders of the European Union. For fast and adequate reaction responsible forest authorities need detailed information on the size of the damaged areas and their distribution leading to a faster decision upon salvage loggings, timber quantity and other related forest management activities.

Input Data:

  • RapidEye satellite data before storm event
  • RapidEye satellite data after storm event
  • Core HR forest layer (forest/non-forest area)

Product Specifications:

  • storm damage map, thematic raster (Geotiff) and vector (ESRI shapefile)
  • MMU: 0.2ha
  • expected accuracy range: 75-85%
  • thematic classes: forest, non-forest

Use of GMES Core Data Sets (HR Forest Layers and Core Image Data)

The Core HR forest layer (forest/non-forest) will be used in the initial step of the processing chain. It will serve as a supporting layer in order to find suitable training sites for the determination of the forest area.

Envisaged Service Area

The proposed area is situated in the Western Sudety mountains, near the country triangle Germany, Poland, Czech Republic.  The area comprises approximately 80,000 ha. This area has been defined as test area in Geoland II, and is available as core service product.

Service RapidEye

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