Storm Damage Assessment for the Forestry Board of Salzburg, Austria

Storm Damage Assessment for the Forestry Board of Salzburg, Austria - Change of forest areas between 2001 and 2011 for the entire country derived from SPOT4/5 imagery

The Forestry Board (Landesforstdirektion) of Salzburg, Austria is responsible for the forest managing tasks in its province.

In the past years Salzburg had experienced a strong impact from storm events followed by bark beetle infestations. The planning and managing authorities had to react to this situation with planning measures and also with compensation fees for the forest owners. An important information for the fulfillment of these duties is to know where changes in the forest area occurred. Therefore, they started to derive this information from aerial photography, but soon it came out that it was a cumbersome – finally impossible -  task to detect all changes with this technique for the entire province. The main reasons were a lack in time, personal resources and hence too high costs. To obtain this missing information on changes they focused on the use of Earth Observation imagery. Thus, a flight campaign was organized using SPOT imagery, and finally images were successfully recorded in the summer season 2011. JOANNEUM RESEARCH is going to derive the required information – i.e. changes between 2001 and 2011 – within the remaining weeks of 2011.

More information will be published as soon as the work has been finalized.