S-Tyrol, Italy

Downstream Service - Ecological Functions

P1: Base data on forest and potential risk on forest

Based on the Geoland2 High Resolution (HR) forest layers and ancillary data a general forest map for the study areas will be provided. Forest which is potentially under risk will be indicated. This includes the risk of damage by natural hazards such as avalanches or landslides as well as risk due to forest structure (e.g. high crown cover density which supports snow damage).

P2: Event maps

Event maps will be provided for major damage events like storm, drought damage and pest and diseases after event (< 3 month). The main focus is not on the rapid detection of a damage but on a proper mapping of the damaged areas + an estimate on damage degree. Damage Mapping is based on high resolution data with high temporal availability with a Minimal Mapping Unit (MMU) of 1ha.

P3: After event monitoring product (recovery)

Recovery of damaged areas will be monirtored on a yearly to three year basis based on available data like IMAGE 2006, 2009, 2011 data and, in future, the updated HR forest layers. Additional high resolution data will be used to fill time gaps.

P4: Spatially explicit Forest Damage Information System (FODIS)

FODIS is a internet based spatially explicit Forest Damage Information System, which integrates information on forest damage collected in-situ by foresters with the EUFODOS remote sensing data into a system which is consistent with other spatial information systems of the user (e.g. an integrated information system on natural hazards and related damages called ‘hazard browser’)

Envisaged Service Area

The service area covers the complete Province of Bolzano in the Northern Part of Italy with a total area of 7400km² of which 44% or 3228 km² are covered by forest (see map below). As a typical Alpine Area, forest in the Province or Bolzano is threatened by wind, snow break, avalanches and land-slides and pest and diseases. Particularly in the last the years, drought damages due to very hot and dry summers have become more frequent. The products P2, P3 “Event map” and “After event monitoring product” will be provided for subsets with a total coverage of about 300 km². 

Province of Bolzano with forested area

Service Partners

Agency for Forest Planning of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano          EURAC Research