Established in 1998, the Remote Sensing Application Centre (ReSAC) is a non-profit organisation. The major goal of ReSAC is to develop RS/GIS applications to agricultural and environmental management, land cover/land use, soil and forest inventory, water resources, environmental hazards, disaster management, urban planning, participation in regional and international projects and cooperation. ReSAC is a member of the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies - EARSC since 2005, and in 2007 had signed a collaboration agreement with the Directorate General Joint Research Centre - DG JRC/EU for joint development of an operational use of spatial information. ReSAC is a centre of excellence, which promotes research and methodologies development, innovations, consultancy, education and training. ReSAC is a distributor of satellite data, and provides value-added services such as Earth observation and GIS data processing, e.g., orthorectification, enhancement, classification, 3D models etc., required to bring the imageries up to the end-user in a ready-to-use state.