Message from the Coordinator

The EUFODOS project has reached half of project lifetime and thus a progress meeting was held in Vienna/A by end of June 2012 encompassing consortium members and users as well as REA project officer and evaluator.

During the first 18 months of EUFODOS the framework conditions were built-up and the Forest Downstream Service prototypes have been developed and tested for their operational performance in small testsites. The outcome proved that the projects goals could be achieved and EUFODOS is on a good course to achieve the anticipated aims. For the next 18 months the partners are now in charge to transfer the findings from Phase 1 into the roll-out phase in order to prove the operationality on a regional scale and to complete the Forest Downstream Services.

One service, namely the detection of windfall areas, was only marginally applied during Phase 1 due to missing storm events, but the technical tools have been developed to full functionality and were successfully applied for similar applications. This fact proves that the EUFODOS consortium is able to show high flexibility in case of unexpected deviations and such an attitude within the consortium members can be considered as a guarantee for a successful realization of the project goals.

The challenge for the 2nd phase is how to “land” the project. It is necessary to complete the final production, to define the whole market, to reach other potential users, and to develop a strategy how to present the services on the market in order to make a business out of them.

As the coordinator we can state that the Service Network, i.e. the consortium and the users, has evolved into a fruitful, harmonized and ambitious atmosphere, and thus we are looking forward in an optimistic manner for remaining successful months.