Joanneum Research

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is the largest non-governmental research institute of Austria and the Department of Remote Sensing and Geoinformation, formerly known as Institute of Digital Image Processing, (JR) is very active in national, ESA and EU projects. The Department can offer a wide scope of know-how in the processing of remote sensing data from both active and passive sensors, from airborne as well as space-borne systems. The Department is concentrating first on the development of new methods for the assessment of natural resources, vegetation damage and natural risks and secondly on the development of algorithms for the geometrical processing of all kind of remote sensing data. Several EC - Framework projects have been managed by the Institute of Digital Image Processing, JR as a coordinator. A few of them are mentioned as: ALPMON, Fireguard, Eruption, EcoRisk, Amethyst, MobVis, ProvisG, ProvisSCOUT.

JR has many years of experience in the fields of remote sensing and forest applications. The department has been involved in many relevant forestry related projects, i.e. SEMEFOR, Geoland 1&2, HIGHSCAN, CarboEurope, CarboInvent, FIREGUARD, KLEO, Forest & Water and elaborated a strong expertise in the field of different kinds of forest applications. The Department is developing its own software packages, i.e. RSG and IMPACT, including custom-tailored software solutions for the assessment of different forest parameters and forest changes. This comprises the mapping of forests at different scales as well as the integration of 3D canopy information derived from photogrammetry and laserscanning. It also has established a strong cooperation with many experts in the field of forestry from private to the public sector and has realized in close cooperation with them several operational works, i.e. KLEO (State of Salzburg), HANNIBAL (Austrian Federal Ministry for Traffic, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), Forest & Water (INTERREG with Slovenia), REDD (German Development Bank and ESA), DRACULA (private consortium), Austrian Forest Layer (ESA), Forest Inventory Switzerland (SilvaConsult). 

Joanneum Research will not only be co-ordinator of EUFODOS, but will also be Service Provider in the development of the product chains and will develop operative toolboxes including software as a Lead beneficiary in WP330. They will further focus on developing regional services for FOREST DEGRADATION and Impact of FOREST DEGRADATION on forest Functional Indicators to two users in Austria, namely EEA and LFD-STMK. Joanneum will support the integration of the products into the User's work-flow and offer them training in the use of these data.