Core Services

The objective of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) land monitoring service is to provide land cover information to users in the field of environmental and other terrestrial applications. GIO land focuses on four components, three of which are coordinated by EEA - the pan-European and local components, and the in-situ component. Initial activities around the pan-European component include providing: a land cover change product between 2006 and 2012, and a land cover product for 2012; and five pan-European high-resolution layers on land cover characteristics - artificial surfaces, forest areas, agricultural areas (grasslands), wetlands, and small water bodies.

GIO land builds on the pre-cursor GMES FP7 project geoland2, which was co-funded through the European Commission’s Framework Program 7 (FP7), and addressed the preparation of operational capabilities of the GMES Land Monitoring Service, through the development of  Core Mapping Services (CMS) and Core Information Services (CIS). The Core Mapping Services produced amongst others basic geo-information on land cover and land use (e.g. Forestry, Sealing) and its annual and seasonal changes. These Core Mapping Services formed the basis for more elaborated geo-information services: the Core Information Services (CIS), which addressed a wide variety of thematic fields of application, like water monitoring, forest monitoring, spatial planning, etc.

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