The Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) Land core project geoland2, which is co-funded through the European Commission’s Framework Program 7 (FP7), is preparing the operational capabilities of the GMES Land Monitoring Service, through the development of 3 Core Mapping Services (CMS) and 7 Core Information Services (CIS). The 3 Core Mapping Services produce amongst others basic geo-information on land cover and land use (e.g. Forestry, Sealing) and its annual and seasonal changes. These Core Mapping Services form the basis for more elaborated geo-information services: the Core Information Services (CIS), which address a wide variety of thematic fields of application, like water monitoring, forest monitoring, spatial planning, etc.  geoland2 is undertaken by a consortium led by Astrium and composed of more than 50 partners; it has a total volume of EUR 32.5 millions. geoland2 has started in 2008 and will continue operations until October 2012.